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Want to see it in action, in person? Here's a list of awesome tracks currently using Sic Surface.

1st Round World Cup BMX Track 2020 - Shepparton, Vic.

Photos and Videos from Australia's First Round World Cup Bmx Track 2020.

Shepparton Drone Pic New
Shepparton World Cup Pics 4
Shepparton World Cup Pics 3
Shepparton-World-Cup-Pics-1-square (1)
Shepparton-World-Cup-Pics-2-scaled-square (1)
Shepparton-World-Cup-Pics-6-square (1)

2nd Round World Cup BMX Track 2020 - Bathurst, NSW.

Photos and Videos from the Second Round World Cup BMX Track 2020, Bathurst, NSW.

Bathurst-World-Cup-pic-1-square (1)
Bathurst World Cup pic 2
Bathurst World Cup pic 3
Bathurst-Boys-1-1-square (1)
Bathurst-Track-1-square (1)
Bathurst-Track-square (1)

Our Sic Surface Tracks

Check out these real-life examples of Sic Surface in action.

BMX Tracks NSW
BMX Tracks SA