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Our Process

Our team is committed to providing value, great customer experience, and achieving quality outcomes.

Fast, But smooth and safe.

Sic Surface® has many applications and can be used in a variety of different ways to create pathways, slip resistant surfaces for ramps, haul and service roads, and surfaces for sports and recreational facilities.

Consultation and design

We provide consultation and design services for:

  • BMX tracks

  • RC race tracks

  • Pump tracks

  • Other sports and recreation facilities

  • Urban areas and playgrounds

  • Public open space

  • Sports and athletic wear

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Our construction services include site assessment, application of Sic Surface®, general earthworks, compaction, base works and shaping.

We can apply other surfaces such asphalt and concrete. Our projects range from small (1-2 person) jobs to being part of large scale construction projects, such as urban renewal areas and international standard BMX super cross tracks.

Maintenance and Services

We provide scheduled services which includes a single coat application to maintain pristine quality of the surface. We also offer additional warranty for purchase for peace of mind and product longevity, such as on call services for unforeseen issues or events.

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