Sic Surface® The Surfaces We Cover

Sic Surface will take your facility to the next level with a new kind of surface technology…

designed to cater to the needs of sport, urban, council, and other large organisations. Our durable surface solutions guarantee the safety of patrons while maintaining the quality of your brand and image. Sic Surface® provides a safer, more durable, and weatherproof solution that adds value to your spaces.

We’ve transformed numerous spaces with our innovative solutions:

  • Community Bike Tracks designed for outdoor recreation.
  • Added pathways to Golf Clubs for easy access and aesthetic appeal.
  • Sporting tracks fortified with our weatherproof and durable surface, ensuring year-round usability.
  • Footpaths revitalised for pedestrian safety and accessibility.
  • Added pathways that seamlessly integrated into parklands.
  • Upgrade parks with safe, long-lasting surfaces for community enjoyment.

Begin your surface revolution today ...

For Councils

and large organisations Sic Surface® offers a solution for the built environment such as recreation facilities, urban areas, playgrounds and public open spaces.

When you need more than just a surface in today’s dynamic environment, you need; a weatherproof, long-lasting, and hard-wearing solution that adds value to your spaces.

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Sic Surface® Super Base

Our commercial application for councils.

This product is an affordable option created to eliminate the need for road base, concrete or asphalt. An extremely long-lasting, and hard-wearing solution for larger areas.

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For Sport

Take your facility to the next level with Sic Surface® technology. If you’re seeking a more durable and weather-resistant option, Sic Surface® is the answer. Our application can be customised to meet specific briefs and local weather conditions, reducing time and costs of ongoing maintenance for operators and the community.
Sporting Tracks we have Resurfaced:
BMX Tracks – RC Track – Pump Tracks – Skate Parks


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For Urban Spaces

Designed for those heavy traffic areas at home, Sic Surface® is an ideal solution for driveways, pathways and entertaining areas that seek durability without sacrificing look and visual appeal.

With our range of colours and material types, you can select an option that best suits your home and garden.


Sic Surface DIY

Custom Colours

We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a consistent brand image for our clients. This can extend to the colour of Sic Surface® applications.

We can analyse samples or use standard colour references to match almost any colour required. We can also proide advice on colour schemes that instantly transform space, create impact and support your branding.


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Track Branding & Advertising

Let the tracks pay for themselves with great surfaces for advertising opportunities.

  • Sponsored advertisements
  • Support from local businesses
  • General Track Branding


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