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Sic Surface® for Commercial Application

Discover why Sic Surface is the ideal choice for your next commercial project.
Our expertise in developing superior surfaces for landscape and track construction makes us the perfect partner for Councils, Large Organisations and Urban Projects.

The Sic Surface® team of passionate designers and technicians bring a wealth of experience in surface performance and technology, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the positive customer experiences we create, as well as the exceptional quality and durability of our finished products. What sets us apart is our unwavering reliability in follow-up service, ensuring that your project remains in top condition long after completion.

At Sic Surface®, we understand that each application is unique, and we use this knowledge and experience to tailor solutions that perfectly suit your needs. Trust Sic Surface® to elevate your commercial project with professionalism, reliability, and exceptional quality.

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When you join the surface revolution, you’re not just building. You’re innovating.


We will design and consult on how your surface should be built and what materials should be used… Working with you to identify your goals and aspirations for your new surface.


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Our Services

We provide tailored services in:
Consultation & Design  –  Construction  –  Maintenance & Servicing

Sic Surface® Applications cater to a wide range of needs for sports, urban, council, and large organizations. Our proven track record includes resurfacing footpaths, creating pathways in parklands and golf clubs, enhancing parks, and developing community bike tracks.

We specialise in designing and building sporting tracks that can operate in any weather condition, providing a weatherproof and durable surface that ensures safety and maintains the quality of your brand and image.

Our surfaces offer a safer, more durable, and weatherproof solution, adding significant value to your spaces. Sic Surface will elevate your facility with cutting-edge surface technology.

Whether you need a more durable and weather-resistant option or a surface that can be adjusted to meet specific briefs and local weather conditions, Sic Surface reduces time and costs of ongoing maintenance for operators and the community.

Sic Surface… We look forward to working with you!

Consultation & Design

We provide consultation and design services for:

   BMX Tracks
✓   RC Race Tracks
✓   Pump Tracks
✓   Other Sports & Recreations Facilities
✓   Urban Areas & Playgrounds
✓   Public Open Space
✓   Sports & Athletic Wear

We also provide grant funding application services for community organisations, including preparing supporting information for proposals. Below is an example of our supporting documentation.

Start your surface revolution today…

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Construction Services

This is where you leave it to us.

Our team of professionals will come in with all the appropriate equipment and materials to construct your new surface area. From site assessment to the application of Sic Surface®, general earthworks compaction, base works, and shaping, we handle it all with expertise and precision.

In addition to Sic Surface®, we are proficient in applying a range of other surfaces such as Sic Surface® Super Base, asphalt, and concrete. Our projects span from small-scale jobs requiring just 1-2 personnel to large-scale endeavors like urban renewal areas and international standard BMX supercross tracks. Trust Sic Surface Construction for exceptional construction services tailored to your needs.

Elevate your project with the expertise of the Sic Surface® Team.

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Maintenance & Servicing

SanRemo BMX Track

Depending on how your new surface will be used…

you may require maintenance and servicing to keep your surface looking a feeling like new. Our team are here to support you long after your surface is built.

We provide scheduled services which includes a single coat application to maintain pristine quality of the surface. We also offer additional warranty for purchase for peace of mind and product longevity, such as on call services for unforeseen issues or events.

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