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We give back to the community by supporting local sports clubs and organisations through the appropriation of funding and through volunteer works.

Fast, But smooth and safe.

Sic Surface® has many applications and can be used in a variety of different ways to create pathways, slip resistant surfaces for ramps, haul and service roads, and surfaces for sports and recreational facilities.

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Erin Lockwood

  • Australia #1 ranked senior female BMX rider, 2017 BMX Australia coach of the year

  • 1 of 3 elite women chosen for team Australia 2019 World Titles

  • Sic Surface® brand ambassador

We are committed to our brand promise of value, quality and customer satisfaction. Through our personal, face to face service and our dedication to understanding project needs, we consistently deliver great outcomes for our clients and the community.

Stacey Brown

  • Australian TEAM NAVY rider

  • Test riding and product development for Sic Surface® Australia

  • Sic Surface® sponsored rider and brand ambassador

We are actively involved in the community. For example, we sponsor riders to achieve their dreams and aspirations. We value opinions and for BMX tracks, we encourage honest and critical evaluation to continually improve to meet and exceed end user needs.


Our Works


Our designers and technicians are highly experienced in landscape and track construction and are also passionate about the contribution to people’s safety and wellbeing that our work brings.


Our team of passionate designers and technicians work closely with our clients to tailor solutions to specific requirements and varied applications.


Our work includes surfacing of world class BMX and remote-controlled car (RC) race tracks, as well as walls, ramps, and footpaths.