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Make the most out of your Sic Surface® products. Learn from our team of experts about how you can transform your outdoor spaces with your Sic Surface DIY!

Getting Ready to apply your first surface.

The below videos will guide you on how to assemble, mix and prepare your surface ready for your first application!

Branding & Customising your Surface.

Are you looking to make your surface uniquely yours? Below are our guides on adding colour, stencils and custom line work to your surface.

Repairing your sic surface

Repairing your sic surface is quick and easy. The below videos will show you how.


Sic Surface® is a weatherproof and hard-wearing polymer aggregate coating for applicable surface material such as road base, decomposed granite, concrete, and suitable compactable fill.

Sic Surface® was developed and tested over five years on the Sleeman Sports Complex in Brisbane Australia. With the proven success of our product’s performance, Sic Surface® has many applications and can be used in a variety of different ways to create pathways, slip-resistant surfaces for ramps, haul and service roads, and surfaces for sports and recreational facilities.

  • Slip resistance*

  • Durability

  • Water and frost resistance

  • Safe and nontoxic

  • Looks – we provide a wide range of colours

  • Reduced maintenance time and cost

  • Simple repair procedure for minor wear

Download our Product Guide for a closer look!

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Download our Product Guide for a closer look!

How our clients use Sic Surface