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 Join the Surface Revolution

We are an innovative, client and community focused company that delivers amazing outcomes with our Sic Surface® technology and through our commitment to outstanding customer service.



Hire our team of professionals for your next resurfacing project!



Explore our range of DIY applicators and materials for your own resurfacing project.



Explore our portfolio of surfaces to inspire your next project!

Why Sic Surface is Awesome

Sic Surface® has many applications and can be fine-tuned to achieve specific qualities and performance.


Long lasting

Sic Surface® is a weatherproof and hard-wearing polymer aggregate coating for applicable surface material such as road base, decomposed granite, concrete and suitable compactable fill.


Attention to detail

We employ rigorous testing procedures to suit local conditions. We work closely with our clients to understand their sites and their requirements on performance and aesthetics.


Your choice of Colours

We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a consistent brand image for our clients. This can extend to the colour of Sic Surface® applications.

resurface any surface




Sporting Tracks

The possibilities are endless!

Our Process

Our team is committed to providing value, great customer experience, and achieving quality outcomes. We provide tailored services in: Consultation & Design, Construction and Maintenance & Servicing. We also operate test facilities to continuously improve our product and to meet market expectations.


Working with you to identify your goals and aspirations for your new surface. We will design and consult on how your surface should be built and what materials should be used.


This is where you leave it to us. Our team of professionals will come in with all the appropriate equipment and materials to construct your new surface area.


Depending on how your new surface will be used, you may require maintenance and servicing to keep your surface looking a feeling like new. Our team are here to support you long after your surface is built.

Our Service Areas

We service 3 key areas of Sport, Urban and Community, resurfacing BMX tracks to driveways and footpaths.

If you are looking for a more durable and weather-resistant option, we have you covered.


BMX Sport, Skate Park & Mountain Bike Surfacing


Asphalt, Driveways, Backyard Pathways, Entertainment areas


Supporting Governments, Councils and local organisations to resurface common areas as well as community projects like footpaths, parks, council bike tracks and so much more.


Sic Suface DIY

Introducing our latest edition, Sic Surface DIY! For those professionals looking to add Sic Surface to their landscaping offerings or perhaps the savvy hand man looking to give it a go around the house.

You can now shop our range of applicators and materials to do it all yourself.


Our Sic Surface Tracks

Check out these real-life examples of Sic Surface in action.

BMX Tracks NSW
BMX Tracks SA